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Top 13 Tips for a Seamless Apartment Moving Day

Moving day can be stressful, especially if you're moving into an apartment. You have the property and other residents to consider, and some communities have moving day requirements that you'll need to consider. This does not mean the experience has to be miserable. Although these tips may not completely alleviate stress, they'll help promote a positive experience there.

Hire a Moving Company

Moving companies can make your moving day one you'll remember for all the right reasons. Moving is exhausting, especially if you have stairs to deal with. Not to mention, there's always a risk of you or one of your helpers getting injured.

Ask About Rules Regarding Moving Containers

If you want to do a self-move, you may find using portable moving containers attractive. However, you'll need to make sure they can be delivered and stored on the property at both your current and future location.

Reserve the Elevator

You don't want your movers to arrive to your new place only to discover that you were supposed to reserve the service elevator ahead of time. Many properties won't allow you to use the main elevator because it will inconvenience current residents, so make sure to reserve it in advance.

Parking Space

Can your movers park at the curb in front of the door or do they need to park in a specific place? Can you reserve a space close to the door? This applies to a self-move, too, whether you have rented a moving truck or you have a couple buddies helping with their pickup trucks.

Certificate of Insurance

If you hire movers, you may need to provide your leasing office with a copy of the moving company's Proof of Insurance. Find this out ahead of time, so you can drop off a copy at the management office before moving day.


You may have had no problem getting that oversized sofa in your current place, but what if it won't fit through the door at your new apartment? Measure exterior and interior doors, stairways, and hallways.

Pack Early

 A smooth moving day begins with being prepared. If you have to get everything packed for the morning and you're still boxing up things when the movers arrive, you can count on your nerves being frazzled all day long.

Learn Moving Hacks

There are a lot of moving and packing hacks you will find very helpful, such as packing dishes vertically in a box and using balls of socks to cushion breakables.


The less you have, the fewer boxes you need to move. Now is the time to sell, donate, or just get rid of anything you don't need. Keep in mind that if you donate, you can use the receipt to claim a tax deduction.

Essentials Box

Pack this box with everything you need to get you through 24 hours. This includes clothes, toiletries, snacks, sheets for the bed, shower curtain, and the coffee maker, so you can take your time unpacking the rest.

Label Boxes 

Use color-coded stickers to label each box according to room, so you know exactly where they all belong.

Cosmetic Renovations

 If your property allows you to paint, change light fixtures, etc., find out if there is a specific company you need to hire.

Take Pictures of Both Places

 If you're moving out of a rental, take photos of every room after you've moved everything out to help ensure you get your deposit back. Also, take photos of your new place prior to moving in, so you have proof of any damage, even if it is a small stain on the carpet or a broken blind. You don't want to be responsible for it when you move out.

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