What You Need to Start, Stop, Transfer Utilities

If moving to another residence is anywhere close on your horizon, chances are that you or another member of your household will have to start, stop, or transfer utility services for water, electric, or natural gas sometime soon.

Depending on your utility provider, you may or may not be able to connect utility services online. Either way, there are a few documents that you should prepare to have on hand while connecting your utilities. Use the list below as a general guideline, but be sure to check in with your local utility provider’s website for more specific information, if available.

1. Proof of Identity

Most – if not all – utility providers require documentation that you are who you say you are!

Examples: Social Security card, valid driver’s license, passport, alien registration card, state-issued photo ID

2. Proof of Residence

You’ll also need to show documentation that you’re living in the new area of service.

Examples: Lease/rental agreement, mortgage account or proof of homeownership, property tax bill or receipt, utility or telephone bill, voter registration card, vehicle registration card or title, check with printed name and address

3. Completed Service Application

Some utility providers provide a digital version of their utility service application directly on their website. If that’s the case, you may be able to either submit the application online or print and complete the application to submit in-person.

Otherwise, you’ll most likely have to pay a trip to the town hall to complete your utility service application. For example, if the town that you live in is your water provider, you’ll most likely have to stop by the Utility Services Office for more information.

Bonus Tip: If you’re connecting utilities a few weeks before you move, make sure you know exactly when your service start/stop date is.

4. Direct Debit Authorization Form

If you’re interested in having utility payments directly withdrawn from your account, prepare to fill out a direct debit authorization form, consenting to having utility payments directly withdrawn from your account.

If your move's around the corner, make sure that there are no surprises, and know exactly what documents that you’ll need to start, stop, or transfer your utility services. After all, you don’t want to get caught with the lights out on moving day!

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