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Olympia Moving & Storage Betters Client Experience

Veterans in the moving business, Olympia Moving & Storage (with locations including Hyattsville, Watertown, and Folcroft) prides itself on having a personable, fast, and efficient crew. Their team has a philosophy of guiding customers through the moving process from start to finish and going above and beyond for every move — regardless of size or circumstance. That’s why their partnership with Updater is a natural fit; our personalized, customizable app for moving expands on that customer-centric philosophy and helps Olympia Moving & Storage improve their customer surveys.

We spoke with Rachael Fischer Lyons, Director of Marketing & Business Development at Olympia Moving & Storage, about their partnership with Updater (which she calls “the easiest project to implement” in all her years of marketing), their individualized approach to customer service, and the importance of technology in relocation today.

See firsthand what Updater can do to improve your customer experience and give your sales team a brand-new secret weapon.

Need moving support? Our experts are available to help. (833) 200-1226 For moving support call (833)-200-1226 Our experts are available to help. Call today (833) 200-1226 Call to order (833)-200-1226