Forwarding Mail With The USPS

It seems simple, but forwarding your mail with the United States Postal Service (USPS) can easily become a tad bit convoluted (or altogether forgotten!) amidst all of the other tedious, time-consuming tasks you need to take care of when you move.

Below, you’ll see some of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Updater about the USPS change of address and mail forwarding services over the course of 12 months (you can trust us – we forward a lot of mail). Read on for everything you need to know about forwarding your mail and better managing your move.

When will the USPS begin forwarding my mail?

Once your change of address form has been submitted, it typically takes the USPS about 10-12 business days to process your mail forwarding request. This means you will begin receiving your mail on or after the mail forwarding start date you selected.

How do I know (for sure) if my mail has been forwarded?

Assuming you completely filled out and submitted your request... Once the post office has finished processing your change of address form, they’ll send an official USPS Confirmation Letter to your new address. This letter will include your very own USPS Confirmation Number, so keep an eye out for that in your mailbox. It should arrive within 1-2 weeks of submitting your mail forwarding request. Be sure to file this number away somewhere safe – you can use it to edit or cancel your USPS forwarding request in the future.

I haven’t received my USPS Confirmation Letter (or any forwarded mail!). Now what?
If you’ve allotted the post office their 10-12 business day time frame to hold your mail and complete your change of address request, and you still haven’t received your mail, your best bet is to stop by your local post office (find your closest post office here) and let them know. Be sure to bring your ID – they’ll be able to help you sort it out. You can also learn more about the forwarding process through the USPS FAQ under Change of Address - The Basics.

Important Reminder: While forwarding your mail and packages through the post office is great and all, it doesn’t actually update any of the businesses that you care about with your new address – such as your bank account, credit cards, airline loyalty programs, alumni associations, and so on. Forwarding your mail simply (eh hem) forwards your mail to your new address

So – be sure to properly update all of your accounts and records with your new address. (Hint: you can do this quickly and easily through Updater!)


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