Top 9 Property Management Blogs You Should be Reading

Reading the top property management blogs helps property managers innovate within their communities and keep their residents happy. Staying on top of industry trends takes effort and even if you attend industry conferences and trade shows, there’s still a lot of self-learning that can benefit your properties.

With this in mind, we’ve curated a list of top property management blogs you should be reading to stay abreast of the latest trends in the multifamily industry, engage with industry experts, and stay up-to-date with your colleagues. Here are our top property management blogs we think you should be reading.

1. AppFolio Property Manager

If you haven’t subscribed to the AppFolio Property Manager blog, head on over immediately. Their content is fresh and easy to digest – perfect for some late-night reading on how you can leverage technology to deliver a better resident experience. Check out their post on More Inexpensive Ways Property Managers Attract Good Residents and Simple Ways to Fill Vacancies Quickly, Carefully, Intelligently.

2. 30 Lines

If your community is tech savvy, or if you’re looking for a few digital tips, 30 Lines is definitely worth digging into. Their blog shares helpful advice on how to leverage digital tools to improve the resident experience and generate more business. A few of their useful articles include why you should add online tour scheduling to your website and how to get more out of social media for your apartment website.

3. Multifamily Executive

Chances are, you’ve heard of Multifamily Executive. But, if you’re not familiar with their blog, think of them like the CNN of housing news. You’ll find up to date information on housing market news, industry demographic information, and executive leadership news.

What’s more, Multifamily Executive is on the leading edge in terms of advocating technology in apartment communities, so it’s definitely worth plugging into if your community’s looking to read up on trending tech best practices.

4. Grace Hill

Whether you’re a seasoned multifamily professional or just starting out, Grace Hill is one of the best places to learn about the multifamily industry. Their site offers a ton of educational resources, including free educational webinars, a radio station, networking events, and a multifamily career portal.

5. Yardi

The Yardi blog is truly a one-stop shop for all of your multifamily news. On their News page you’ll find several articles on how to improve resident satisfaction, including everything from winter event ideas you should implement in your community to how to understand how seniors search for an apartment.

6. Multifamily Insiders

The best part about the Multifamily Insiders blog is that you’ll hear directly from your colleagues in the industry about what initiatives are working for them and where they’ve experienced roadblocks. You’ll read about a broad swath of topics – from best practices in apartment marketing to property management and operations tips.

7. Multifamily Biz

A one-stop shop for everything multifamily housing, Multifamily Biz covers industry news, features member posted press releases, and maintains robust vendor directories. Great for property managers who want to keep their finger on the pulse of the commercial side of their property management community.

8. Multi-Housing News

Covering news from multifamily properties across the country, Multi-Housing News is a leader in breaking the latest deals in the industry. On top of their business updates, which can be sorted by region, they also have a detailed research section full of data, business, and market trends.

9. Property Management Insider

In addition to RealPage’s analytics blog, the team at RealPage produces Property Management Insider, a blog covering all types of multifamily news. From reporting on panels from property management events like AIM to outlining the tips and tricks for creating eye-catching photos of your apartments, Property Management Insider has an article for every aspect of your property.

Bonus: Updater’s Property Management Blog

While we do have some bias for Updater’s Property Management blog, we believe it’s an amazing resource for anyone looking for insights into the multifamily community. The Industry Insights section of our blog features relevant content for property managers with articles ranging from ideas on pet amenities to creating coworking spaces residents want to spend time in. Find all of our content on our blog or on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

There has never been a better time for content in the property management community and we hope you’re taking advantage of all of the great blogs out there! If these top property management blogs are on your reading list, your property is heading in the right direction. So whether you check in on, bookmark, or subscribe to these helpful blogs, just keep reading.

Have more awesome property management blogs you think we should add to our list? Suggest them in the comments below!

Updated: May 2018

Ash Bell

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