Top 7 Tips for Moving With Kids

Regardless of their age, moving's a big transition for any kid - leaving their old home, moving to a new home, leaving old friends, and disrupting their regular routine. While you can’t totally eliminate your kids' moving-related worries, there are still tangible ways that you can help ease the process. Here are our top tips for helping kids ease into the upcoming move:

Involve Them in the Move!

Between finding a new home, packing, and coordinating with your movers, it’s all too easy to overlook the kids in the moving process. Our top recommendation is to involve the kids in the moving process whenever possible.

There are a few ways you can do this. The kids can help you run a yard sale, give their top three choices for repainting the walls of the living room, or even help you narrow down the homes you're considering. If you have little ones, there are tons of creative ways to repurpose packing material and create moving-day entertainment (think: a moving-box fort). Alternatively, let the kids pack a few of their own moving boxes. As an extra tip, try customizing moving box labels
with your kids' names written on them, and let them decorate their boxes with “stickers” - they’ll love it!

Use Time to Your Advantage

In some cases, you may have months to prepare for your move, but in other cases, you may have a matter of weeks. Our main advice? If you have the time, use it to your advantage. Prepare the kids for the move by giving them as much information about your new home as possible, such as pictures of what their new bedroom will look like, where they’ll go to school (even try and schedule a school tour with their new teacher), or photos of the local playground they’ll visit.

Visit the New Neighborhood

Not all parents will have the luxury of visiting the new neighborhood with the kids before moving day. If you can, plan on taking a walking tour of your new neighborhood, the downtown area, or their new school.

Before you visit, pick up a copy of the local newspaper, and find out what kids-oriented activities are happening during your visit. A visit to the local sports field or recreation center may help open their eyes to the new neighborhood. 

Partner with a Kids-Friendly Mover

On moving day, you’ll likely be bogged down in the logistics of coordinating with your mover and packing up the kitchen, which can leave your kids feeling overlooked in the moving process. There are several moving companies out there that have created special measures to make sure the kids are taken care of on moving day.

Look around on the moving company’s website or blog, and see if they have special offers or services directed toward children. Some moving companies even pay for childcare or doggy day-care services on moving day. Other moving companies have invented creative ways to engage the kids on moving day, like providing a kid’s kit (think: coloring book and drawings) that they can work on during the move.

Host a Goodbye Party

Between their final day at their old school, moving to a new neighborhood, and making new friends, there’s a lot to fear about the move. Hosting a goodbye party will help give them some closure as they leave their friends and old home. Encourage their friends to bring small mementos to the party so your kids can remember them as they move on to a new town or school.

Minimize Change

Particularly if you’re moving with young kids, minimizing change is essential. You may be moving to a new house or even a new state, but you can keep things familiar by setting up their bedroom furniture in the same arrangement or maintaining the same morning routines. Moreover, try to preserve any traditions you held in your old home, like Saturday family movie nights or Sunday morning brunch. It’ll help ease the transition, trust us.

Pack a "Moving-Day" Bag

Your kids probably won’t want to be separated from the next week from their favorite teddy bear or Nintendo, so make sure that they pack a “moving day” bag in advance of the move. Explain that it may take a week or two for all of the moving boxes to be unpacked, so they should keep everything that they want close by in their "moving-day" bag.

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