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This is a great service that reminds people what they have to do before their move.
It is so EASY to use!!!!
Easy, simple and convenient.
Very user friendly.
Very streamlined – huge time saver.
So easy to use!
Easy and very helpful!
Amazing! Very fast and made my move so easy.
Everything was simple and done worry-free.
It’s been an easy transition into our new home.
Very easy to navigate.
It made things way easier.
Super convenient.
It was very easy to forward my mail and find moving help.
So nice to have a few less things to do.
Timely, friendly, professional.
It provides a complete "to do" list.
Everything is very organized and clean!
Easy, fast, and spot on!
I just did a whole lot with the touch of my phone. Can’t beat that at all.
To the point and easy to use.
I love it you guys make it easier!!! And you were very good on responding any question and very fast, thank you!!
Super user friendly and convenient! Takes care of a lot of things needing to be done all at once!
Updater really helped me with all my moving needs. It took the headache out of the move.
Helpful reminder on things to have done on move in day. Convenient for payments online. Easy to use.
It's super convenient and helped me remember things regarding my move.
It was very helpful with the mail forwarding and setting up utilities.
It has been very helpful in getting mail forwarded, getting utilities set up, etc.
Awesome way to keep track of everything that needs to be completed during the moving process!
Super easy and intuitive.
Very easy, and proactive!
Easy to handle change of address with very simple, easy steps.
It’s a great tool to use as reminders of everything you have to do before moving.
Kept everything in line for moving and made it simple.
Very easy to use. I got reminders and all my info was conveniently in one place.
I like that it helps you focus on the things that you need to update for your move, having that list is great.
Very user friendly.
A truly wonderful service. I would highly recommend this service to anyone!
The process was very easy and relatively "idiot-proof" as I'm not very technologically savvy.
Lots of good info at one's fingertips, literally.
Excellent customer experience, and also very helpful in helping me with getting things set up quickly!
Everything was easy to understand and manage.
The move in checklist is awesome!
Loved how easy it was to change my address! Great feature.
Updater helped me to organize myself and cover all the bases to make my move smoother.
It helped me to organize and prioritize steps to take before my move by providing helpful reminders and suggestions ahead of time – I am impressed.
So simple and convenient. Much better than navigating through many individual websites, or the hassle of waiting on hold by phones. Great tool!!
This was a lifesaver for me!!!!
Super impressed by this tool! Very helpful.
Saved me a ton of time!
It's a one stop shop. So great!
It's very informative and easy to navigate.
It was easy to use and saved me time by not having to submit my change of address request at various individual websites.
It was a very convenient service, listing all the necessary steps that are involved in moving.
Very satisfied.
Very easy to use and I like that you forward your mail your for free.
It made it really simple to update all my information for the move.
It is the easiest way to move and change addresses!
The site alerted me to all aspects of my move which I did not previously consider and provided me with options from which to choose.
It's a great tool that made moving easier.
It's a convenient service that I believe can help lots of busy people!
It is very efficient system.
Makes my life easier!
Great concept, user friendly, and helpful.
Updater makes the move in process hassle free.
Very helpful! Helped me get organized, find movers, and change my address with a few clicks. Excellent idea, wonderful service!
This feature is amazing really cool and a reminder to help us moving since we haven’t moved in 15 years! Great resource.
Extremely informative and all around attentive.
Updater helped ease the process of moving even better by making everything so simplified and uniformed.
Excellent first time service. Would definitely use again.
Organization and the detailed collection of things to look into for a move made the transition much smoother.
Everything is very clear and simple, it makes moving smooth and hassle free.
Helped keep the move organized. It was nice having a central location for everything!
Amazing! Made moving so much simple! Saved me several phone calls.
Kept me very organized and less stressed. Highly recommend!
It was very easy to use and helped take care of things that would normally take hours, or even days, in a jiffy!
Easy to use and very quick results.
Helped organize all of the items that needed attention.
This app is great! Everything is easy, concise and accessible. Updater definitely made my move seamless!
Easy and thorough.
Made planning my move easy.
Very easy process. Everything was set up with one finger.
Saved a lot of time on address updates.
Outstanding app and easy way to get everything done.
Consolidates many of your needs into one place.
Very straightforward, thorough and helpful.
Instructions are very easy to follow.
Updater made it easy to forward my mail, set up my account with electric, cable, internet, and phone account.
It got all the hard work done for me and covered other responsibilities I didn't even think I had to worry about.
Updater took me through every step of the moving process.
When you use Updater, there is no concern regarding moving process!
Updater made my most recent move the easiest one yet. All the changes I needed to make were right in one app. Fantastic!
Makes moving easy to organize!
When you can do everything in one place, it eases any anxiety that comes with moving.
A one stop shop!
The USPS change of address is very seamless.
A very convenient way to update utilities.
Great, easy to follow reference.
Reminded me about all the things I needed to update. Updater was very useful during my time of transition!
It’s simple and easy to use tool and a really great way to get everything set up before moving into your new home.
Easy to use! Loved the checklist. Also enjoyed being able to take care of so many things in one place.
Moving is a hassle. This makes it easier.
Simple, easy, quick. That's all what's needed.
Reminded me of things I would have certainly forgotten about.
Updater is a very efficient, convenient way to help with your move in just a few clicks.
With the stress of moving and waiting, It's awesome that I can use Updater to do everything at once. Really convenient.
Easy to compare services from Internet and cable providers and make the best choice. Even saved me money!
What a great tool! It made my move simple and put all the little things you’d typically worry about in one simple interface.
Friendly, fast and efficient.
It saved so much time making address changes. I was able to cross off half my list within a few minutes.
Made it very easy to see everything that needed to be done for my move.
It was great to enter my information once and have practically everything done for me.
Unbelievable app!
So convenient! It's like a reminder list, with all the info you need to take care of it on the spot.
Completely simplified the moving process.
Updater helped take away the stress of worrying about doing a address change.
Excellent all around experience.
Was very easy and informational during my move.
Very convenient to have so many things in one place!
Easy to use and saves a lot of time while moving.
It was so easy to notify all of my friends and family that I had an address change!
The user experience was phenomenal!! No confusion throughout any of the process. It provided a step by step guide.
Easy... I like easy!
Updater made it easy and fast to update my move.
Saved time and headaches.
There's already enough stress in moving, might as well make it less stressful with Updater.
It was easy, and also made my move easier.
Updater has been very helpful with its wide variety of resources.
Easy to use - reminded me of things I need to do! Great tool.
It cut out a lot of places I would have had to go to in person to get things done.
Perfect for people who don’t have time to individually call/email to change address for the move.
Made moving and updating my accounts super easy!
Eliminates most of the headaches which comes along with moving.
Very helpful setting up my new TV/Internet services!
Services were professional and easy to complete. Time saver!
It’s a really nice, helpful, time saving and convenient service for everyone.
Good checklist to start the process. Helpful discounts and great options of companies to work with.
Very pleased with the service.
Updater is the most convenient app to use when you are moving.
Made the move MUCH easier! Thank you!
The entire process from start to finish, was very straight-forward, extremely simple, and stress-free.
It made my move so much easier to get my mail forwarded in a very timely manner. Thank you for offering this service.
There’s so much to do in moving, it's overwhelming. Updater was a welcoming sight when it showed up on my phone!
Moving is a stressful experience, so many details, but everything is designed to help this experience to be as smooth as possible!
Made my move very easy and took care of things I didn't want to do!
Very helpful in all phases of my move...highly recommended!
Love the concept and quick responses from support team!
It certainly saves the time and avoids hassle.
Updater is great, it helped me out so much with my move!
Very professional. Very communicative. Answer any and all questions nicely.
Very easy interface and clear instructions. Plus I didn't have to run around to a bunch of different places to get things sorted.
Fast and easy - simple as that.
Updater is well organized and a great way to help a person's move go smoothly.
One less thing I had to think about. Updater was a big help.
Updater is incredibly convenient, and helped make moving a lot easier and simpler.
There’s so much to do when you move and sometimes you forget. Updater makes the move a lot simpler.
Updater provided an excellent, concise, and centralized location for allowing us to update our change of address quickly and conveniently.
Updater is great because it has all of your moving needs in one place.
Updater is speedy and extremely helpful. Less stress.
Thanks to Updater, my mail came to my new home uninterrupted. The very next day!
Really liked the cute social media update announcing my new address to friends and family!
Very easy to use and incredibly helpful!
With Updater, everything is at your fingertips. Which makes the hassle of moving so much easier.
It's incredibly helpful at a stressful time!
Was very easy signing up and changing addresses.
The experience so far is formidable. All the features you need to move in one place and they all actually work.
It saves time, and works great. Glad someone thought about all the things to be done while moving. Thank you!
This really helped me especially since I was moving from out of state and didn’t know which companies to call for services.
Updater offered everything I needed and even a few I hadn't thought of.
My moving truck was ready and my mailing address was changed! I did everything at once, very convenient!!!
It was really nice to be able to perform so many updates at once. It saves time and frustration.
Phenomenally easy - saved me a lot of time.
Updater takes the stress out of contacting all of the appropriate people/agencies when you move. This saved me a lot of time.
This app does everything for you. With Updater you save time, money and gas. Love it.
Updater was very helpful with the steps as well as the discounts.
I've been dreaming of this app since I had to make my first move! This concept saved me so much time!
The service was very helpful and convenient. Having everything there in one place made making arrangements very easy.
Updater was such an easy and quick way to switch over all of our mail and accounts!
It took away a huge stress during the craziness of moving!
A lot of important information was consolidated in Updater. It was easy to use, and saved a lot of time.
This was the easiest most complete moving service I have ever had the pleasure to use.
It was super useful for utilities and cable since it is hard to know who services which locations specifically.
This saved me plenty of time and I liked the checklist nature of it.
Easy as 1-2-3. I already got my confirmations from the post office at BOTH addresses (old and new) with some great coupons from USPS for the move.
Easy and simple assistance that makes moving a little easier.
Quick, easy, and painless method to set up renter's insurance, mail forwarding, utilities, etc.
So easy to use & in one place! Worked perfect!!
Helpful tips, detailed information about what to do when moving and step by step supports to accomplish your move.
It was helpful for me to change my address with the post office, sign up for utilities, and see discounts for vet visits, all in one place!
Extremely helpful and nicely organized.
Updater makes it incredibly easy to get everything you need done to have a smooth move.
It was quick and easy. Everything you need is in one place and it's free!
Updater is easy to use, makes moving a little more fun, and helps me remember all the little things that people often forget about.
Very easy to use and keeps things organized in one easily accessible spot.
It saved me time. And, time equals money. It was very convenient.
Really helped simplify my move in process. I had no need to stress, everything I had to do was on Updater!
Amazing service! Definitely one I didn't know I needed, but now I'd never want to move without it!
Updater is very fast and secure.
Updater is the best way to start moving.
Updater is a very cool tool to help organize your scattered, stressed mind when moving!

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