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Capturing the Updater Office Through the Lens

Shout out to Colin Miller & Elle Esse Group photography for taking such lovely photos of our office space earlier this spring. We’re so happy to share these photos of the space that we call home to our best Updater ideas. The photos have captured so very well our bright and open office space, which is synonymous with our office culture - bright and always open to new ideas! Communicating across departments doesn’t mean a trip down the hall, but rather a shout across the room.

Colin Miller & Elle Esse Group’s photos have caught our special work dynamic here at Updater. We like to think we bring a whole new level to work-life balance. Whether that means working hard on driving sales in the morning or breaking with the team for afternoon exercises and snacks, we work hard, but with a definite margin for play. So, thank you, Colin Miller & Ellen Esse Group photography, for representing so very well the space where all of the laughter, games, and yes, hard work, happens!

Breaking for a little afternoon pick-me-up

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