Top Moving Companies Say Updater is Easy to Use

As an app for moving, Updater prides itself on helping people across the nation streamline their moves and easily handle everything they need to – all in one place. As a team, we pride ourselves on our ability improve the customer experience for our incredible partners in the moving and relocation industry like Mesa Moving & Storage, Cord Moving & Storage, Palmer Moving & Storage, Hilldrup, Planes, Fry-Wagner, and many others.

One of the most unique aspects of Updater is that our software integrates with the software solutions moving companies use every day. Through that integration, we make the process easy from beginning to end – from implementation to helping you promote Updater to your customers.

But don't take our word for it! See what some of our amazing clients had to say about how easy it is to implement and use Updater. Big thanks to Olympia Moving & Storage, Nilson Van & Storage, Bargain Movers, MiniMoves, and University Moving & Storage for stepping into the limelight for this video.

See firsthand what Updater can do to transform your customer experience and differentiate your services.

About the Author
Hi, I'm Jenna Weinerman.

I'm Updater's Head of Marketing. I'm an endless seeker of knowledge, a lover of craft brews, and a huge Philadelphia sports fan. I also have more moving tips and tricks in my head than any normal person should.

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