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Meet Updater: Sandra Hamer, Customer Experience Associate

Meet Sandra Hamer, the Chicago native with a soft spot for deep dish pizza, and the newest addition to our Customer Experience Team! With five moves under her belt, including a couple cross-country treks, Sandra knows the ins and outs of relocating.

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Chicago, and spent a few years in Los Angeles before coming to New York.

How many times have you moved?

Five times.

Do you have a moving horror story?

My first driving experience in Los Angeles after getting my license was driving a U-Haul and hoping I’d make it to my destination.

What are 2 personal tidbits about you?

  1. I’m a foodie – I love food.

  2. I’m a vegetarian!


What’s your favorite thing about working at Updater?

Updater fosters such a culture of kindness. Everyone makes it their duty to make sure you feel welcome and at home.

What’s your go-to afternoon sugar rush?

I love a PB & J Smoothie (Blueberries, Bananas, Strawberries, Almond Milk, Peanut Butter).

What’s the most interesting thing you have on your desk at the moment?

Happy Birthday lights. Yes, they’re a thing.

What’s your favorite place you‘ve traveled?

Oahu, Hawaii.

What three words describe you best?

Optimistic, analytical, and hungry.


You’re throwing a dinner party and can invite anyone you want (dead or alive), but you can only invite five people. Who gets a seat at your table and what do you cook?

I would invite Oprah, Dan Barber, Will Smith, Maya Angelou, and my Mom for some homemade tomato bisque and grilled three-cheese sandwiches.

If you were a food, what food would you be? Why?

Matcha green tea ice cream. It has a subtle yet distinguished flavor.

Lunch is on us! What’s your dream sandwich?

It would have to be an avocado, tempura-fried tofu sandwich, with buffalo sauce, red onions, chopped celery, julienne carrots, spinach, and my homemade blue cheese dressing.