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Meet Updater: Landis Fraser, Success Manager

The newest member of the team, Landis, with her favorite pup, Charlie Lane!

This week, we’re spotlighting our awesome Success Manager and the newest member of the Updater team, Landis Fraser! A former property manager herself, Landis shares what she loves about working with multifamily clients, as well as a few fun facts about herself (her moving horror story included!).

What do you do at Updater?

I'm a Success Manager here. I work closely with multifamily properties to ensure that they have a long and healthy life with us! Before Updater, I actually was a property manager in Atlanta. Having been in the same shoes as a property manager, I love helping making managers’ (and their teams’ and residents’!) lives so much easier with Updater.

That’s awesome! As a former property manager, what’s your favorite Updater feature?

Definitely the Preferred Provider step – how I wish I had it as a property manager! Listing your community's preferred providers within Updater won’t just help your resident; it’ll also save you time, and it can be a good source of referrals. I’ve also worked with clients who treat it as a mini neighborhood guide – incredible!

So, how did you come to work at Updater?

My dad and my best friend told me to check out Updater on the very same day. Is that fate, or what?!

How many times have you moved?

8 times, mostly during and immediately after graduating from college.

Do you have a moving horror story?

Isn't every move in New York City a horror story? When I moved from Atlanta to NYC last year, my moving truck got really lost on the way. I spent my first night in the city on the floor – I didn’t even have an air mattress!

What's the largest item you've ever had to move on the subway?

You've never seen a line at Trader Joe’s on a Saturday afternoon, unless you’ve been to the TJ’s near Union Square in NYC. When I first moved to NYC, my roommate and I ventured to TJ’s to get the essentials. The line took almost 2 hours (seriously) to get through, so you’d better believe that we bought almost everything in the store. Lugging all our bags – we’re talking 20+ bags – through the subway was no easy feat. I’m pretty sure that we lost our bag with Two Buck Chuck along the way… devastating.

What are two random/personal tidbits about you?

  1. I have a goldendoodle pup named Charlie Lane (see below!), who is the prettiest girl in the world.

  2. I’m a serious Cupcake Connoisseur.

Landis' dog, Charlie Lane.

Landis' dog, Charlie Lane.

What's your favorite quote?

I’m torn. It’s a toss up between:

  1. "Life without Mexican food is like no life at all" -Unknown, and

  2. "Put on some lipstick and pull yourself together." -Elizabeth Taylor

What's your favorite fast food restaurant?

Taco Bell – I'll have a quesadilla and a cinnamon twist, please! Have I mentioned that I really really like Mexican food?

Fast forward 100 years. What does the epithet on your gravestone say?

“Here lies Landis. She loved her family and ate a lot of cake.”

What about a personal memoir? What would its title be?

The Very Concise Tale of a Poor Shopaholic

Where did you grow up?

The wild and crazy streets of the Atlanta suburbs. Alpharetta, Georgia to be exact. I might've had a white picket fence too!