A move will trigger 27% of insurance customers to shop for a new policy

Take control with Updater's pre-mover intelligence and retain existing customers with proactive action

Updater builds powerful tools to help millions of people move.

Our proprietary pre-mover intelligence allows insurance companies to connect with current policy movers before a move event happens, increasing retention and brand loyalty.

Stop waiting for customers to reach out for a quote.

Limit the risk of defectors by connecting with customers when they need you most.

Gain Insight

Gain Insight

No reliable pre-mover intelligence available for proactive marketing.
Gain insight into when your customers are moving to reduce customer defection and increase acquisition.
Stay Connected

Stay Connected

No way to reach out to moving clients before they raise hands to address their needs.
Connect with your clients preemptively to open up new premium possibilities before they start shopping.
Build Loyalty

Build Loyalty

It's easy to lose moving clients who are confused on what to do while moving.
Extend the life of your policies with Updater's mover experience.

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