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VIDEO: What is Updater?

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Years ago, our founder went through a particularly terrible move. He wasted hours contacting utility companies, updating accounts, researching moving companies, the list goes on. There had to be a better way.

He searched for a solution online to help him organize and prepare for his move – but found nothing. Not long after his move, he quit his job and set out to solve the inefficiencies associated with moving.


Fast forward several years – add in ~100 talented teammates – and we’re proud to say that we’ve streamlined the moving process for millions of Americans by providing one (awesome) platform to tackle everything for your move.

To celebrate, we launched a new video to explain exactly how we do it. Check it out!

Need moving support? Our experts are available to help. (833) 200-1226 For moving support call (833)-200-1226 Our experts are available to help. Call today (833) 200-1226 Call to order (833)-200-1226