10 Gift Ideas for the Recently Relocated

Your parents always told you to never show up to someone’s home empty-handed, right?

Well, that rule certainly applies when visiting any of your friends or family members that have recently moved! While their new home may still be full of boxes, help them settle in with a decorative and/or fun housewarming gift that they can put to lasting use.

Here are a few ideas for every newly moved friend or loved one:

1)  For the folks who love cooking and design, this cookbook is dreamy.

2) This chic flashlight is great… for their next power outage or basement crawl.

3) A city-dweller who loves nature will appreciate this sweet terrarium.

4) A young homeowner or renter might not have their own board games yet, so set them up with classics like Jenga or Clue.

5) These wooden spoons are perfect for taste-testing their favorite winter stew (or, more realistically, divvying up their favorite box of takeout!).

6) This fun alarm clock is the perfect wake up call for the notorious over-sleeper.

7) And for the kitchen supply deprived, how about a subscription box of spices?

8) This magazine rack is awesome for your friend who just moved into a renovated loft.

9) Or play it safe, and send them some hand soap and lotion for their new place.

10) And because we all know that moving can be stressful, treat them to this bath soak to unwind after a long day of unpacking.

BONUS: Never underestimate the power of a DIY gift – cookies, a handmade piece of pottery, or even a night of babysitting on the house!

There’s no better way to welcome your friend or family member to their new home than with something special to mark their move. Choose an item from this list, or simply use it as a starting point to get your wheels turning!

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Comments (2)

I am loving some of the solutions and ideas here and I most definitely will refer back to this page if I know of anybody who is moving in Perth South! I can imagine that most of my friends would have a lot of storage boxes full of junk though, so hopefully I won't just be adding to their clutter when I gift them with some of this stuff! Haha!

Thanks for sharing with us some of these simple yet unique ideas. For me, if I do not know the family that well, I would simply get them a few sets of picture frames. I think they are symbolic of a new beginning so they can place new photos of them taken at their new home. This idea is universal and can be given to anyone.