Engineering @ Updater

Everybody moves, and nobody likes it. Join us in building a platform to solve this real-world problem affecting 45 million people each year.

Moving is one of the most stressful life events we experience, yet 45 million Americans still move every year. Find out how Updater's product and engineering team solves complex challenges associated with the moving process to bring change to an entire industry.

What we believe in


We are business and product-minded engineers.

  • "The end user and business problem is our constant guide to making decisions"
    - Brian C., Infrastructure
  • "There is an awesome balance between writing ‘perfect code’ and building an actual product that solves a problem for people."
    - Justin R., Infrastructure

Intellectual Curiosity

We ask the right questions to understand the landscape.

  • "We are keeping track of all the experimental flags we’re using for Docker."
    - Blue T., Microservices
  • "We evaluated Angular when it was still in beta."
    - Steve R., Frontend

No Dogmatism*

We use the right tools for the job.

  • "We choose the best technology to solve the problem at hand, which means constantly staying open to new ones and remaining objective on old ones."
    - John Z., Integrations
  • "One way to succeed here is to keep an open mind and a willingness to learn more than one language or tool."
    - Jason B., Platform

*...But yes to dogs!

Hyper Collaboration

We talk everything out.

  • "If you’re the type of developer who spends the whole day isolated with your headphones on, this is not the place for you."
    - Leon H., Infrastructure
  • "For the first version of our integration platform, we spent 4 weeks designing it and less than 4 weeks building it."
    - Ankit S., Infrastructure

What we’re building

  • A robust, fault-tolerant and infinitely scalable microservices platform.
  • Beautiful, performant web apps that are tailored for a personalized, seamless user experience.
  • A flexible and configurable data platform that can integrate with dozens of software systems.

Who you’d work with

Ankit S.

Director of Infrastructure

My team builds the backend systems that power Updater and the API that connects us to our partners.

Tech I am most excited about right now:
I am really excited by advances in all backend-related tech from data analytics and data science to API specifications that make it easy-to-consume API, to devops.

Steve R.

Director of Frontend

My team is responsible for creating an intuitive UI using the latest frontend technologies.

Tech I am most excited about right now:
Everything! There is so much going on in so many domains. The frontend landscape is changing so rapidly it’s hard to keep up, but that makes it so exciting. For instance, the Houdini project, which is a joint task force of engineers from different companies, is doing some really exciting things that will make a huge impact on the future of frontend development.

Blue T.

Director of Microservices

We’re architecting a service-oriented platform that allows Updater’s technology to scale with the business while remaining flexible.

Tech I am most excited about right now:
Languages that leverage new developments in functional programming paradigms are really exciting. Commoditization of build and runtime dependencies in the form of containerization, infrastructure-as-code, PaaS’s, etc. are changing everything about how we build systems.

Jason B.

Director of Platform

My team owns the platform that absorbs moving transaction data from Updaters partners, including real estate brokerages, property management companies and mortgage lenders.

Tech I am most excited about right now:
Technologies that simplify and improve the process of building data applications and pipelines, particularly streaming and real-time data – there so many languages, frameworks, tools, and platforms that are evolving everyday.

Ryan H.


I love startups and Updater is my third, but favorite! Despite once telling Katie Holmes, "You look exactly like Katie Holmes," and driving away with the gas pump attached twice, my previous startups were successful. eVariant raised $70M in funding led by Goldman Sachs and Yellowhammer earned $21M in revenue in only our second year, was ranked #37 on Inc’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies, and was completely bootstrapped.

Our technology stack

We’re constantly evaluating new technology to make sure we're working as efficiently as possible with the best solutions. If it makes sense, we’ll use it.

Tech Life at Updater