Top Moving Industry Blogs You Should Be Reading

If you’re a moving company looking for the latest industry news, or a homeowner/renter looking for some great moving advice, the moving industry has a moving blog for you. The biggest challenge is knowing where to begin.

As moving blogs and newsletters are gaining popularity, industry information and moving tips are becoming more accessible. If you're looking to gain insights on all things moving, it now only takes a few clicks.

Moving blogs offer great advice for moving companies and people moving alike. They can help answer any and all of your moving questions like: When is the best time to move? What cities were most people moving to last year? How do you market your moving company?

Start with these moving blogs and use them as a jumping-off point for your moving research.

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If you're a moving company looking for the latest in technology

The MoveHQ blog is the moving industry's go-to resource for information about move management systems. Their Industry Insights blog is home to the industry's most comprehensive guide on how to choose right move management system for your moving company and their Product blog features in-depth guides and updates for MoveHQ's suite of moving company products. Whether you're a moving company with one truck or you operate a fleet of moving trucks, the MoveHQ blog has something for you.

If you want to stay up to date on moving industry news

If anyone knows the moving industry in the U.S., it’s AMSA. The AMSA Newsroom exists as a storehouse for the latest information and statistics in and around the moving and storage industry. It’s important for moving companies to be on top of moving industry news to stay competitive and offer their clients the best moving experience.

If you're not located in the U.S., your go-to resource should be the IAM Newsroom. Both sites are informative content hubs, the perfect resources for staying in the loop on all industry happenings.

If your moving company wants to brush up on marketing

Tract Leads 4 Movers provides marketing solutions for moving companies. Unsurprisingly, their blog is full of marketing tips and tricks specifically tailored to moving companies, covering everything from web page layouts to online reviews. It’s a great resource if you’re looking to boost your online presence and grow your customer base.

Looking for more marketing advice? Check out our post on the trends moving companies need to master.

If you’re the one moving

There are a handful of helpful moving blogs and tips out there. Here are just a few:

Updater's Moving Tips blog is a resource that tops all resources. Not only have we put together tips, tricks, hacks, and an easy way to find a moving company, but we condensed them into posts like the Top 50 Moving Hacks of All Time and The Most Epic Moving Checklist in the History of Moving Checklists. Give it a whirl!

A handful of friends of ours have awesome moving resources as well:

If you want the moving industry to come to you

Don’t feel like digging around for moving industry information? No worries! With the Movers Search Group National Email Newsletter, industry job openings and news will be delivered right to your inbox every quarter. Simply sign up for their newsletter or check out their newsletter archive. It’s an easy way to stay up to date on the whereabouts of industry "movers and shakers" — pun intended.

If you’re looking for a little bit of everything

Okay, we may be a bit biased on this one. But we’ve designed the Updater blog to be an all-encompassing resource on all things moving, real estate, and property management. From trend reports for moving companies and moving tips for new movers to customer experience strategies and industry event recaps, the Updater blog has it all.

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Keep yourself informed to complete your best move

Whether you’re a moving company looking for some insights into the state of the moving industry or a first-time mover looking for the right moving blog, there is a blog for you. Use these blogs to keep yourself up-to-speed on the latest the moving industry has to offer and keep your moving game strong.

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