MRI Software Offers Better Relocation Abilities

Integration with MRI’s Resident Connect will streamline tedious tasks for residents preparing to move

SOLON, Ohio - June 12, 2015 - MRI Software, a global leader in property and investment management solutions, welcomes Updater to its Partner Connect program, offering enhanced resident relocation services through MRI’s Resident Connect and Prospect Connect products.

“This agreement provides MRI Software clients with the opportunity to leverage the innovative Updater resident relocation automation services in MRI’s Resident Connect and Prospect Connect products,” said Brett Moss, Manager of Partner Connect at MRI Software. “MRI clients will be able to offer their residents the ability to update all of their accounts with their new address, contact information, and more when they log into the MRI portal solution.”

This partnership will enable residents to streamline the various processes associated with moving, including updating accounts and records, connecting digital services, forwarding mail, sending direct moving announcements, and much more.

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Media Contact:
Jenna Weinerman

Ash Bell :

Ash is the EVP of Real Estate for Updater's Insurance Division. He is responsible for all insurance initiatives and partnerships related to Real Estate. Ash has worked in the Property Management Industry for over 20 years. You'll be hard-pressed to hold a conversation with him without hearing about Updater, Apple, and CrossFit.

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