Meet the team

From jugglers to fashionistas and geeks, we're a pretty diverse bunch! Aside from thinking big and our obvious good looks, we all share a passion for changing the way Americans move.

P.S. We only look like this at night. Happy Halloween!
David G.
Ryan H.
Raj D.
Ash B.
Michael C.
Jenna W.
Greg H.
Jon W.
Chris S.
Greg T.
Wade M.
Jake J.
Brittany P.
Chandra R.
Amanda F.
Brandi W.
Sam B.
Landis F.
Lauren B.
Whitney M.
Phong P.
Zach B.
Stephen R.
Gretchen A.
Katie D.
Leon H.
Michael B.
Brian C.
Ankit S.
Patrick M.


(We're dog people)

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