Sync your Updater and Dotloop accounts to
auto-generate invitations

It's as easy as pie.

Using Dotloop to auto-generate your Updater invitations is like adding us to your loops, but easier. When you sync your accounts, Updater can programatically view only necessary info in your loops and send invites to your clients who are ready to move.

All of your clients' information is protected by the Updater Privacy Pledge, and Updater never views or stores any sensitive client information contained in your loops.

Ready to sync?

Enter your Dotloop account information below.

Common questions

What information does the sync share with Updater?

Just the very basics necsesary to generate an invite. The sync will share:

  • Client first and last name
  • Client email address
  • Old address, new address, or both if available
  • Applicable dates, such as closing or listing date
Is my client's information secure?

Yes! The sync is bound by our Privacy Pledge, which states that we will "never sell, rent or share your personal information behind your back."

Further, according to our Service Agreement, when you first share your client's information with Updater for the purpose of generating invitations to your branded Updater site, we "gain no license to, or ownership of" your client's data and can only use that data to generate your branded invites.

Why is this awesome?

Because you can now sit back, relax and help all your clients move without telling us each and every time. Sound good? Let's do this.

Do I need to have specific information in my loops?

Yes. Your loops must include:

  • Your email address for Updater and Dotloop must be the same
  • Client name
  • Client email
  • Client role MUST be listed as buyer or seller
  • Agent role MUST be listed as buying agent or listing agent
  • Address (listed in the "Edit Details" section of the loop)
  • Estimated move date (listed in the "Edit Details" section of the loop