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The move-in is one of the first interactions that our residents experience at our properties – one that sets the tone for their entire time with us. Updater helps make a memorable first impression.

We feel like the questions we were getting before are no longer raised. Questions about change of address and utility connections have all been handled by Updater, which frees up the time for the leasing team to concentrate on customer service and leasing!
Updater is such a high-impact tool, but in reality, it requires no extra work for our site team!
We understand how stressful moving can be, and it’s important to us that we support our residents through the entire process. By partnering with Updater, we’ve found an easy way to save our residents hours and headaches before they even move in.

K. David Meit
Oculus Realty
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We've had a great response from our residents and even more so from prospects – we're seeing happy, loyal, and possibly even repeat residents!

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