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Updater offers a one-stop shop for our valued clients to handle their tedious moving tasks as quickly and easily as possible. It's truly unique & the Updater team is awesome!

Judd Levine, President & Owner
Maffucci Moving & Storage
With the help of Updater, we are now able to help our customers move everything — even the intangible things, such as utilities and mail forwarding.

Phil Clauss, Sales Manager & Marketing Coordinator
L&J Transportation
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Updater lowers the level of anxiety that our transferees feel. They can sit at their computer and make all of the changes to their lives (like gas, electricity, mail forwarding) in 10 minutes — rather than trying to find out who a provider is in a new city or state.

Wayne Daniels, SVP of Marketing and Sales
Cord Moving and Storage
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We really admired how the Updater site is constructed and laid out. It was one of a select few websites we used as a benchmark during our Mesa 'rebuild'!

Susan Richards, Marketing Coordinator
Mesa Moving & Storage
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Being able to offer potential customers a one-stop shop approach with Updater can be the difference in closing the sale right in the home versus having them take time to make a decision.

Beverly Bell, Executive Vice President of Sales
Daniel's Moving & Storage
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I wish I had thought of it first!

Brent Davis, Claims & Customer Service Manager
AB Moving
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While we feel we have an advantage over our competition by offering Updater, it’s too great a service to keep a secret.

Carlo Pertot, Director of Sales and Marketing
Palmer Moving & Storage
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We regularly evaluate new innovations to add value to our customers' experience, and Updater was the perfect fit. It simplifies what is typically a cumbersome process for our customers, and that's a win-win for both our customers and our company.

Amy Steele, Marketing Manager
Hilldrup Moving and Storage
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They understand that Updater is a great benefit — a time-saving tool that not only allows them to change addresses and set up utilities, but also get acclimated to their new city.

Adriana Cohen, Marketing Manager
Planes Moving and Storage
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Updater helps show our customers that we care about their moves and want to help alleviate the stress of moving. We are grateful to be able to give our customers a tool to ease the moving process.

Kelsey Mezak, Digital Marketing Specialist
University Moving and Storage
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Today’s customers look for every opportunity to make their lives simpler. We take a lot of pride in the quality of service we provide and in our ability to address that need however we can. Therefore, Updater is a great fit for us.

Gary Snipes, Sales Manager
Dircks Moving & Logistics
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My sales team sees Updater as a true-value-add to our service.

Earl Kawaoka, Vice President & General Manager
Fry-Wagner Moving & Storage
Using Updater has been like night and day for us. We’re always looking for new services that can help improve our customer experience, and Updater’s a tool that truly demonstrates our commitment to an ‘above and beyond’ approach to customer service.

Jason Massiatte, General Manager
Ward North American
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The positive response (since offering Updater) has been overwhelming. Our customers are happy with us for providing them with this terrific time-saving tool.

Craig Morreale, Director of Marketing
Ace Relocation Systems
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Our business is largely referral based. Updater serves as a huge differentiating factor in our level of service – something that we feel makes our customers confident in referring us to their family and friends.

Updater is a terrific tool for our clients that takes some of the stress out of moving. By providing Updater, our clients truly realize that we are not just a moving company, but a partner that will help them get through the move process.

Stephen Seligson, Director of Residential Sales & Marketing
Molloy Bros. Moving & Storage
Offering services like Updater helps us exhibit innovative, out-of-the-box thinking that makes our company truly stand apart from the pack.

RACHAEL FISCHER, Marketing Manager
Olympia Moving & Storage
Customer service is vital to our company – a happy customer is one that comes back and refers friends. Updater helps us maintain the highest standard of service, ensuring a continuous stream of business.

Tom Hezmalhalch, Vice President
Merit Moving Systems
Being able to offer something as helpful as Updater to our customers at absolutely no cost to them is a huge benefit. It's a major differentiator in making us more competitive with other moving companies that are also offering technology services to help their customers.

Gary Bell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Republic Moving and Storage
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