Our Technology

We foster a fun, collaborative, open environment that allows you to work with the latest technologies while solving practical, real world problems.

What we believe in

Hyper collaboration

If you want to sit at your desk with your headphones on not talking to anyone from the moment you walk in until the moment you leave, this isn’t the environment for you.

There’s no such thing as bad technology

Just a bad technology to solve a particular problem. Dogmatism doesn’t exist here. We’re constantly looking at new technologies, services and ideas, and we switch when it makes sense.


We think pushing the business forward is cool. Re-inventing the wheel by building our own package when there are 5 others that will work perfectly? Not cool.

Egos suck

Confidence is cool, arrogance is awful. We’re about respect, keeping an open mind, and finding the best way to do things.

Our technology stack

We’re constantly evaluating new technology to make sure we're working as efficiently as possible with the best solutions. If it makes sense, we’ll use it.

PS This is Gretchen, our Product Manager. She's the boss ;)