Updater's Core Principles

The ideals we live by

We are "mover first."

At all times, and in all situations, we prioritize the experience of our movers.

Be bold.

As Harvey Firestone (yes, of Firestone Tires) said, "The way of the pioneer is always rough." We are pioneering a new age in moving, and doing so requires bold moves (no pun intended), creativity and a tenacity for innovation.

Our Privacy Pledge is sacred.

We never rent, sell or share information behind the backs of our partners or movers. We only share information about our movers in very limited scenarios; those are:

  1. When we have explicit consent from the mover (for example, a mover wants Updater to notify a newspaper of their change of address);
  2. When we analyze aggregate relocation trends, which will never personally identify any individual mover;
  3. When the mover has a pre-existing relationship with a third party provider, we may enable the third-party to communicate with the mover, as curated by Updater.

We constantly seek to help real estate partners deliver on their mission.

The real estate and relocation industries aren’t standing still – remaining content could ultimately lead to collapse. Therefore, we seek to create a world class moving experience on behalf of the nation’s most trusted real estate companies.

Our success is measured in progress.

Life used to be easy – box up your stuff, rent a truck, unpack your stuff. Over the past decades, however, the simple act of moving to a new home became much more fragmented as our belongings became more valuable and our lives more complicated. Therefore, our measure of success is progress: how many movers around the country have smoother moves because of Updater.

Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business.

As a "mover first" company:

  1. Businesses can't pay us for leads. We will not provide or charge businesses for referrals, commissions, connections, or transactions. We strive to remain unbiased and will only proactively mention certain businesses if our team of experts believe that those products or services are particularly appealing for a mover's unique move.
  2. Businesses can't override our Core Workflow. Our technology is smart enough to craft the best possible workflow for each and every unique move. We call this algorithm our Core Workflow, and it's available to all movers. While pieces of the Core Workflow can be customized, the overall algorithm can't be altered.

There's no "I" in "team!"

While, technically-speaking, we're a big group of individuals, we view ourselves as a team. We function like a sports team – we pass and assist, inspire each other, communicate from both the field and the sidelines, we feed off each other, and we don't appreciate ball hogs. Teams win, individuals don't.

Every second counts.

Time is our most precious commodity. You can't get it back. Therefore, we'll never waste yours. We'll always move quickly. How will you spend your 86,400 seconds today?

There's always more to tackle.

We've identified many ways to streamline a move, but there's always more to be done!. Our job will never be complete. So, if you have an idea, we want to hear it. Please email partners@updater.com.