Ace Relocation Calls Updater a “Terrific Time-Saving Tool”

In recent years, more and more relocation companies that have been in the “biz” for years have started to incorporate new technology into their business operations, allowing their company to improve efficiency and offer a more seamless customer experience.

That’s just the case for one of our partners, Ace Relocation, a moving and storage company based in San Diego, California. A true industry veteran, Ace Relocation knows a thing or two about moving – they’ve moved over 350,000 individuals, families and businesses across the country in the last 45 years alone!

So, we caught up with Craig Morreale, Director of Marketing at Ace Relocation, to learn how Updater has helped them provide superior customer service and how his team has enjoyed using the tool (hint: they love it!). Here are a few key takeaways from our conversation:

What has been the response from your customers so far?

We began offering Updater to our customers in May 2015; the positive response has been overwhelming. Our customers are happy with us for providing them with this terrific time-saving tool.

Overall, how has your experience been working with the Updater team?

It has been very easy for us as an organization because the tech team at Updater was able to integrate with our software so that each of our new customers gets an email from us automatically. All of the people at Updater who have helped us along the way have been extremely knowledgeable and professional. It’s been a pleasure to work with them and plan to continue for a long time.

With that, cheers to another happy move and another happy customer (and for many more to come!).

To learn more about how your moving company can offer Updater, please click the link below.

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